Stray Bullet's MMOG

Stray Bullet Games Press Release outlines their general plans for an upcoming massively multiplayer online game. The game will be built on middleware technologies based on an original IP, but there are not many more details like a release date at this point, as word is: "Due to the stage the project is currently in, Stray Bullet Games will not be releasing additional details on the project in the near future but we look forward to bringing you more conceptual art as it develops." The accompanying bit of concept art and the following quote do indicate this will follow a familiar fantasy setting:
With this new project, Stray Bullet is committed to creating a fully-realized, ongoing online conflict that combines furious action with tactical and strategic game play. In the game to come characters, guilds, and global factions will engage in meaningful, exciting, and fun mass combat. To realize this vision the team is drawing upon our experience, the lessons learned developing and supporting Shadowbane, and is looking outside the MMO genre to strategy and tactical games for inspiration.