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E for All

This press release and each reveal "E for All" as the official name of the trade show announced as an E3 replacement under the working title "GamePro Expo." The name is meant to demonstrate the more egalitarian nature of this show than the old E3, which maintained the illusion of exclusivity (though most who wanted to attend could usually manage to get in), and it also lends itself to being shortened as E4. Word is:
The E for All Expo, commonly considered a follow-up to the now-defunct E3 Expo, is officially endorsed by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), making it the video game industry's official go-to expo.E for All Expo will offer consumers the opportunity to test-drive the latest in games and gadgetry, as well as purchase products they enjoyed over the course of the three-day event at on-site retail facilities. Additional attractions are in the works:

    • high-profile videogame tournaments
    • job fair/networking opportunities
    • family-friendly offerings
    • the acclaimed Video Games Live concert