Areae Formed

The Areae Website is live, home to this impossible to pronounce new developer formed by industry veteran Raph Koster (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies). The site includes an empty press release section, as they are being pretty coy about their plans for the moment. There is an article on this on Gamasutra probing Koster for details, though he's not giving up much at this time, other than the involvement of that internet the kids are all talking about:
This is especially true considering the company's list of advisors, which reads like a who's-who of virtual/social world experts, including the original MUD co-creator Dr. John Bartle and Boing Boing co-editor Cory Doctorow, but Koster remains demure on precisely what the company will be creating.

"We're definitely working in the virtual world space," says Koster, but adds that though "there will absolutely be games involved, I would say that we are disruptive. We're doing something different. We're trying to reinvent how virtual worlds are made, how customers are treated, how they're accessed, how the business models work, pretty much everything."