Jagged Alliance 3

Akella's Website (thanks Bertrand) has word, in Russian, on plans to resurrect Jagged Alliance series with Jagged Alliance 3, a project that has been discussed in various forms for many years now (story). This is noted on RPG Codex where they translate the Cyrillic to see that Strategy First, Akella, and studio F3games are partnering on the project, and they offer a quote from Richard Therrien that seems meant to reassure fans of the series that the series' signature turn-based strategy is not being tampered with, saying the (new) "Jagged Alliance will keep the general spirit and an atmosphere and remains is true to traditions of the previous games of the well-known series." They also offer a translated feature list that includes a fully 3D engine, more than 20 nonlinear missions, and a return of the familiar character system from the first two Jagged Alliance games.