Out of the Blue

Today will feature an early update this evening, as we have plans to attend a retirement party for my step-father PapaBlue. With the return to standard time, the update may still barely qualify as Into the Black, and I plan on bringing my spiffy smart phone to keep up with any late developments, so I guess I'll be that obnoxious guy in the corner doing the crack-berry thing.

Mobile Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Play: Demon. Thanks User Friendly.
Multiplayer asteroids.
Obey The Crab!!!!
Science!: Physics promises wire-less power.
You Can't Teach a Human New Tricks.
Chocoholics rejoice! More benefits found in heart study.
Media: Man In 31-Wheel Roller Suit (Goes 100KM-H). Thanks Joystiq.
Geniuses Rob Security Camera Store.
Follow-up: Experts: Rare stamp on ballot probably fake.
Teh Funny: UserFriendly.