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Morning Q&As

  • Entertainment Consumers Association
    GameDaily BIZ Interview: Hal Halpin Forms the Entertainment Consumers Association talks with the founder of the Electronic Consumers Association (ECA) (thanks Joystiq), discussing this new consumer advocacy group: "The timing of the ECA launch is serendipitous in several ways: the pressure from within and without the industry on the ESRB itself; the ever-growing list of anti-games legislation and the new pattern of anti-gamer laws; entertainment consumer rights emerging as a real concern; and of course, new technologies and a maturing gamer demographic. All of these issues and concerns are of importance, and they're all matters that the ECA is addressing."
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    Sigil’s Brad McQuaid talks about the state of Vanguard, as the game enters the third beta phase on GameZone talks with Sigil’s Brad McQuaid about progress on their MMORPG: "We’re totally 100% in the production mode; we are just cranking out content, the art team is much, much faster so we are producing more fantasy, more fantastic, more interesting new areas, and making them more quickly. The design team has gotten their tools down and are really getting a lot of new content into the game. The switch from beta two to three was huge – we’ve let a lot more people into the beta and we’ve learned a lot, so much from beta one to two and reacted to it and saw a retention, people being happy and enjoying beta three."
  • Eragon
    The Eragon Q&A on Worthplaying talks with Don Daglow of StormFront Studios about their upcoming action/adventure: "We knew some of the things we wanted to do pretty early. Especially in the combat system and with dragon flight, those are the areas where it took some work to make things feel right. The controls between flying a huge winged beast and a guy walking around with a sword are pretty different, and it almost feels like two different games. We have artists who do nothing but fine-tune character control. A lot of times when you pick up a game and the controls don't feel right, it comes down to animation details and timing. It doesn't work until you've made the tweaks. I think we have an advantage in that we have tools for trying things out quickly. I'm sure even you saw, even now with the 360 build, some characters still have placeholder animations."
  • Flight Simulator X
    There's a Flight Simulator X Q&A on GameSpot and a Flight Simulator X Q&A on Boomtown chats with Microsoft's Mike Gilbert about the latest installment in the high-flying series: "Until now, Flight Simulator has been a great 'sandbox' where knowledgeable users can 'make their own fun.' Missions offer new users an approachable entry into the game through fun activities and tutorials. Missions also offer experienced users a way to test their skills in realistic and challenging scenarios. And while the Deluxe version comes with over 50 missions in the box it also includes a mission creation tool. The mission system is extremely powerful and flexible and we expect a large number of new missions developed by community members and third-party developers."

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