Evening Q&As

  • Will Wright
    Will Wright on Breeding Spore on IGN and Will Wright talks Spore, Leipzig, next-gen on GameSpot are a pair of Q&As with the designer about his upcoming project: "We're learning a lot from Spore about simplifying game procedures and I think they are things that would work well in other games. With Spore, we're trying to make content creation really fun and accessible. So we'd like to try and implement some of these ideas into The Sims. Especially the cross-platform sharing, I think that could have implications for a lot of games."
  • Supreme Commander
    Shacknews's Chris Taylor Q&A talks with the designer about Supreme Commander, Gas Powered Games' upcoming RTS game: "People worry and they say, "Well, does that mean Supreme Commander is going to be just huge long games on gigantic map?" Well, you have a choice of what size maps you play on. If you want, you can play on small maps and it becomes very tactical again, but you can also have incredibly large options available to you where the maps get bigger and bigger and bigger. You can play in an incredible theater of war and the game goes from being very tactical to very strategic. Then things like information war comes in, and you start thinking, "Well, if I put a base up here, my opponent won't think to look there, and then I have these control routes," and you start to have much more sophisticated plans that way."
  • 2Moons
    The 2Moons Q&A on FiringSquad talks with Dave Perry about his just-announced MMORPG collaboration with Acclaim: "I think one of the key things is the new model we have for paying for the game. It's completely (no nonsense) FREE. This is only possible by getting creative with some concepts. Advertising is one. Advertising in a game does not make it a FREE game, it's an Advertising game. (Like seeing commercials on TV, that's not FREE TV, you are paying by watching the adverts.) So I am going to be introducing the idea of being able to just turn off the adverts! Meaning if you HATE advertising, just turn them off! If you don't mind advertising, then just leave it on and we will reward you. (Yes, you get the game free and we reward you for leaving it on.) What more can I do? Being a Korean developer, the game also has virtual item sales, but you can sell your items also, and you can't buy anything that will hurt the balance of the game. (So if you want big devil wings, no problem.) To be clear however you don't need to buy anything to play the game. So it's going to be truly FREE."
  • Lineage II
    MMORPG.COM's Lineage II Q&A talks with Adam Davidson about Chronicle 5 in NCSoft's MMORPG: "Chronicle 4 remains our largest Chronicle to date, but Chronicle 5 is right on its heels, perhaps in some ways bigger. Many of the facets focused on in Chronicle 5 are more systemic, such as the clan improvements and class balancing efforts. In this expansion we’ve revitalized multiple systems that both appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans. So that, plus new lands, new castles, new contestable clan halls, new monsters and all the other things players expect from a Lineage II Chronicle, means this one is pretty huge in impact. I really think this expansion will be great for the western markets."
  • Hero Online
    The Hero Online Q&A on RPGDot talks with designer Jack Stanley about MGame's upcoming MMORPG: "The story within Hero Online is the product of many martial arts novelists such as Kum Kan. It is an original story constructed for our game. The story borrows from real Chinese history and builds a compelling story line for users to follow through the entire game. There are 3 different quest categories in the game. There are normal NPC directed quests, a quest line that follows a love story and the quest line that follows the linear story of the game."
  • Game Addicition
    Expert: 40 Percent of World of Warcraft Players Addicted on TwitchGuru offers a Q&A with addiction expert Dr. Maressa Orzack who defends her theories that games are designed to be addictive: "You can't say that about Blizzard, which structures the games like World of Warcraft to be addictive. They design these MMORPGs to keep people in the game. I do think the problem is tied in with other things like family issues, but the games themselves are inherently addictive. That's ultimately the cause of the problem."
  • Music
    It’s “Open Season” For Composer Shawn Clement, Part 2 on GameZone continues to talk tuneage with the composer of the soundtrack for Open Season.