Help Wanted

  • Planet puts out the call for a level designer for Slipgate Ironworks (thanks Frans). According to The Romero: "You see, even though I'm doing an MMOG I'm looking for a real, true-blue serious FPS level designer. The kind of person whose life is making sure the FPS meter is high, the polycount in the FOV is balanced, the design is tight and visually grand, and who has a deep love for all things level-related."
  • American McGee’s Blog (thanks Mike Martinez and puts out the call for members of a team to create "an episodic game set in a dark, fairy tale universe" for a new development team he is putting together in Shanghai. Word is: "If you’re an experienced programmer, artist, level designer, writer, musician, producer, or other game related craftsman, and want to help build the best independant [sic] development studio in China, then let me know (post your info to the comments)."