E3 Renamed, July Move Confirmed

An update on GameSpot has some details about changes to the format of E3, confirming with ESA president Douglas Lowenstein that the event will indeed move to July, also learning that the name of the expo will be changing to the "E3 Media Festival." A different GameSpot article goes further into some of the causes and effects of this story, describing the pressure from companies like Sony, Microsoft, and EA to cut the costs associated with the show, as well as the impact of a smaller show on the city of Los Angeles from disappointed cab drivers to a hard-to-interpret remark by an attorney saying he thought the city wouldn't "take this lying down." Examining this news is Moving Beyond E3 on IGN (thanks Frans), an editorial covering the plusses and minuses of the changes, while Ten Reasons for E3's Collapse on Next Generation offers their opinions in numerical order.