SCi Denies Battlestations Midway Theft Allegations

SCi Denies Theft Reports On Battlestations Midway on Gamasutra (thanks Frans) follows up on Hungarian Developers Accuse SCi Of Theft on Gamasutra, a report based on a Sunday Times article. According to the original story: "publisher SCi, owners of Eidos Interactive, are being investigated by police in Hungary over allegations of theft and sabotage by the developers of Battlestations: Midway." The follow-up article, however, features a statement by SCi saying the article seemed to be confusing Battlestations: Midway with Joint Task Force, and that this story actually concerns complaints made by MGE when SCi exercised their option to take over development of JTF from MGE. This is the second time in less than a week that SCi has been forced to deny allegations of wrongdoing (story).