Into the Black

I actually made it to the movies today, as Enahs pointed out in the forums I plan on doing this far more often than I succeed. The movie was great: A bit darker than the Chris Reeve versions, and of course requiring of some plot tolerance, but Singer has the touch for superhero movies, and has added a move from the Sam Raimi playbook by creating scenes that are perfect reproductions of classic comic book images, most notably the cover of Action Comics #1. The theater experience was lousy though... Some talkers, some squirmy kids, someone who kept checking the time on their light-up cellphone, someone who answered a cell call in the middle of the show (after letting it audibly ring a second time so he could determine who was calling, no less), and a point when someone leaned on the wrong button in the projection booth and the movie stopped for a while in favor of the filler they play between showings. There was even a blotch on the screen throughout, which is the second time I've had a visual imperfection on the screen at this same multiplex. That will also be the final time for this place, because if I decide to brave the ever-more-disappointing movie theater experience again in the future, it will be at a different venue. Just a sign of how enjoyable the movie was that none of that could even come close to ruining the experience.

Super Duper Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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