Evening Q&As

  • Valve
    Opening the Valve on Eurogamer is a Q&A with Valve's Gabe Newell and company about Half-Life 2, Episode One, and more: "We don't think of these as expansions. If we were to do expansion properties we'd go back and work out those various events. We see [Episode One] more as moving the story forward rather than what we do with expansion packs. I like the idea of expansion packs giving you a different perspective on things you've already lived through, but I think gamers are expecting more core products to move the technology forward, to move the story forward and move the gameplay forward."
  • BF2: Armored Fury
    GameSpy's Battlefield 2 Armored Fury Q&A catches up with Tom Galt to discuss the just-release booster pack: "Armored Fury was already planned and into production before Euro Force was released. We really wanted vehicles that offered a unique gameplay experience this time around, and wanted the levels to be more balanced between infantry, armor, and air power. The feedback we received about Euro Force reinforced for us that we were on the right track."
  • Operational Art of War 3
    The Operational Art of War 3 Q&A Part 3 on Armchair General concludes this series with a conversation with Daniel McBride about the wargame sequel: "From my point of view this first release is a shakedown cruise that has everything working, with some key areas improved, all in preparation for some long-term development. Players that know my work will understand that I did not want to redo some of my larger scenarios until I see what improvements can be made down the road as it affects the whole play test equation. Certainly Ralph’s tweaking-up of the PO (Programmed Opponent) is key in this release. More available supply points, events, and other items noted, are all important improvements. I have a very long wish list and will spare you that now until we can see what is feasible and what is not. Obviously some sort of an improved naval dynamic is important to look at down the road…"