Hitman: Blood Money Demo

As promised (story), the playable demo for Hitman: Blood Money is now available, offering the chance to deal out some death in IO Interactive's assassination sequel without parting with any of your own blood money. Word is: "Death of a Showman is the first level of the game and provides both newbies and long-time Hitman fans a refresher course in the mechanics of being the world’s deadliest contract killer while tracking your target through a dilapidated theme park turned drug lab. Get a sneak peak at the incredible new graphic engine, ultra-realistic AI, and try out a few of Agent 47’s new moves." The download debuted on GameSpot (registration required) and Download.com and mirrors can be found on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, 4players.de, Computer Games, eXtreme Players, Gamer's Hell, VGPRO, and Worthplaying.