Evening Q&As

  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
    The Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Q&A Computer and Video Games talks with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software about the upcoming continuation of their World War II shooter series: "The Operation Market Garden battlefields are diverse and interesting. There is Hell's Highway, of course, which earned its nickname because of the thousands of vehicles and men that were destroyed along its length during the fighting. There are cities, like Eindhoven, that were populated as fighting pushed control back and forth between the Germans and the Allies. Some of the cities were heavily bombed during the operation creating a landscape of destruction and death that the men had to fight through. There are many waterways cutting back and forth along the highway - this creates rivers and bridges and even marshy areas, all of which became battlefields or obstacles for the fights. There are wooded areas and open fields. Hills and plains. Lots of diversity - makes for tough, but interesting fighting."
  • Quake Wars: Enemy Territory
    Shacknews' Quake Wars: Enemy Territory Q&A chats up Paul Wedgwood of Splash Damage about their upcoming first-person shooter: "John Carmack at id Software devised the MegaTexture technology as a way to generate and exploit a single huge, unique, untiled texture to cover the entire landscape of a map. This represented the first of several significant advances for the Doom 3 engine; for example, the MegaTexture technology has a tool suite called MegaGen, which really helps our Level Designers generate the initial map layouts. MegaGen can automatically distribute materials such as grass, sand and rocks across the landscape, based on altitudes and the angles of incline. MegaGen makes moss grow up the steeper slopes and cling to rocks, grass grow in the flatter areas, and sand and snow gather appropriately in the crevices between rocks. Our Artists are then able to paint additional fine unique detail such as cracks in road surfaces, or they can texture modeled elements such as shell and plasma blast craters in the terrain."
  • Prey
    The Prey Weekly Development Update #16 on the 3D Realms Website offers a Q&A with Human Head's Chris Rhinehart on the upcoming shooter, as he answers questions submitted by fans: "There will definitely be a demo for Prey. The timing of it has yet to be fully determined, as it may be shortly before the game is released or it might be shortly after. Regardless, it will definitely be around the time the game is released. I've never understood the idea of releasing a demo so much later than the game -- by that I mean like two months later. Seems that you should get the demo out at least around the time that the game comes out. I can understand that a lot of people might be on the fence about a given game, and a kick-ass demo might be just the thing to convince them to buy that game. That said, as a developer I can understand how difficult it is to try to create a demo at the same time that you are crunching to finish the game in the first place."
  • Titan Quest
    The Titan Quest Q&A on GameBanshee discusses Iron Lore's upcoming action/RPG with Michael Fitch from publisher THQ: "Equipment is a major aspect of the game; for an RPG, it's right up there with character development, story, and combat as one of the core mechanics, and we've devoted a lot of time to it. We're using both a randomized affix system that will mix and match characteristics with base equipment and a large inventory of unique hand-crafted items. I believe there are over a thousand equipment models and something like eight hundred of those are unique for items with hand-tuned names and stats. We have equipment that is tailored to each of the regions, as well as equipment that is themed for different monsters, and equipment that is themed for different character archetypes, so there's a tremendous range of visual style, as well as the range of stats and abilities that the equipment has. Similarly to the character development system, players will be able to explore the equipment in the world for scores of hours and will probably never exhaust the variety that we've built into the game."
  • Joint Task Force
    There's a Joint Task Force Q&A on Joint Task Force Headquarters discussing the upcoming military strategy game being completed by Most Wanted Entertainment with HD Publishing producer Vincent van Diemen: "Yes, we will include an extremely enhanced map editor with the game. With this tool you can create maps as nice and big and challenging as any map in the release version of the game. This function is primary meant for multiplayer maps, but it will support some basic scripting functions so that players can also create new single player maps."
  • Dreamlords
    RPG Vault's Dreamlords Q&A - Part 1 discusses Lockpick's upcoming MMO RTS game with Jon Selin: "Since a very large amount of the management is done through a web interface, it can be accessed from computers that don't even have the game installed. However, when you want to get down and dirty and fight other players, you will need to have the client installed just like any traditional game. There is a duality to the game; on one hand, we have the slower-paced management interface, which is web-based and has a strong sense of long-term strategy to it, and on the other hand, the fast- paced action of the client where you play RTS battles against other players or embark on different quests."
  • Music
    Full Spectrum Composition: Garry Schyman Talks About His Scores for "Ten Hammers" and "Destroy All Humans" is a Q&A with the composer about his work on game soundtracks.