EA Spouse Follow-up

Nicole Wong Reveals Identity Of EA Spouse (thanks Shacknews) has a follow-up on the tale of EA Spouse (story), revealing Erin Hoffman as the identify of the then-anonymous whistle-blower who exposed working conditions within the game development industry that paved the way for the EA lawsuit (story) and other steps toward reform. Here's a bit:
So Hoffman, then 23, poured out her frustration -- under the pen name EA Spouse -- in a November 2004 blog that resonated so strongly with other video game developers that it helped spark an employee uprising inside EA and six lawsuits for unpaid overtime against three of the industry's most prominent

Hoffman wrote on the blog that EA's attitude toward its workers was: "If they don't want to sacrifice their lives and their health and their talent so that a multibillion dollar corporation can continue its Godzilla-stomp through the game industry, they can work someplace else.''

Now, more than a year later, game developers have won settlements in three class-action lawsuits alleging EA created exhausting work schedules without paying overtime and successfully pressed employers to ease unrelenting workloads. And EA Spouse, whose true identity has been cloaked until now, is becoming a voice against America's culture of overwork.