Battlefield 2 Dedicated Servers, Patch Details

The version 1.22 Battlefield 2 unranked dedicated servers to go along with today's patch are now available, the Linux Dedicated Server and Win32 Server can be found on The Battlefield 2 Website. There is also word that the version 1.3 patch is still in the works, and there are more details on the version 1.22 update:
    • Improved Server Stability
    • Adjusted handling of the Tiger attack chopper
    • Increased delay for aiming reticule when going from movement to prone on all support weapons
    • Adjusted deviation on MG36 and PKM to be in line with other support weapons
    • Increased rpm from 600 to 900 on the P90
    • Fixed Lock on error on certain Oil towers
    • Fixed a Great Wall Exploit
    • Fixed exploits on Dragon Valley and Karkand