Evening Q&As

  • Half-Life 2: Episode One
    The Half-Life 2: Episode One Q&A on FiringSquad talks with Valve's Doug Lombardi about the upcoming Half-Life 2 follow-up: "It's just a matter of having a tighter focus, really: The Episode One team is focusing on delivering a strong new single player experience, designed to be four to six hours in length. Freed from having to tie together 15-plus hours of gameplay into a cohesive experience, the team now has the ability to pack each room, each set piece, etc., full of primary and secondary interactions, story reveals, and more."
  • Richard Garriott
    The Richard Garriott Q&A on FiringSquad talks with NCsoft's Lord British about various topics, including his upcoming MMORPG Tabula Rasa: "Oh yes. TR is very unique among MMPs. Most MMPs are still in the UO/EQ mold where 'farming for XP' and 'the level grind' are your purpose in life. TR is much more of a story-based game in a changing battlefield environment. Not the static ho-hum worlds we’ve seen to date!"
  • Legion Arena
    The Legion Arena Q&A on Armchair General talks with Ian McNeil of Slitherine Strategies about their return to the glory days of the Roman Empire: "Legion Arena is a blend of real time tactics and RPG gameplay. In a series of battles you take your novice recruits and train them into an elite fighting force. You allocate new skills, equipment, names, uniforms, replacements, and generally manage the army. The battles take you through Roman history from the early Republic up until the Empire is established. Initially you’ll be expanding the Republic’s influence in Italy, fighting the Samnites, Sabines, and many more, while also fending off incursions by the Gauls. Later on you’ll fight the Carthaginians under the mighty Hannibal and finally march with Caesar himself to oppose Pompey."
  • ArchLord
    RPG Vault's ArchLord Interview - Part 1 kicks off a conversation with Codemasters about their plans to bring the MMORPG ArchLord to Europe and North America: "ArchLord takes place in a traditional fantasy / medieval world known by the name of Chantra. It is an extremely lush and vivid world with many differing areas that distinguish each from the others. The title refers to a position that the players can reach, becoming the all-powerful ArchLord; one player who, with the help of his or her guild, is able to rule over the entire in-game world."
  • Sword of the Stars
    Computer Games Online's Sword of the Stars Q&A talks with Martin E. Cirulis of Kerberos Productions about their upcoming space strategy game: "SotS is about being an Admiral and Emperor, and definitely not a planet Admin, so planetary development was kept deliberately straightforward. Unlike games that have metal or other things to be harvested and then depleted, SotS abstracts the resource level of a planet in terms of RENEWABLE resources. In other words, all things being equal and with a high tech eye to recycling and replanting, a planets resource base remains the same and feeds the infrastructure at a steady pace."
  • Bigfoot Networks
    FiringSquad's Bigfoot Networks Q&A discusses their promised network performance enhancements: "Ultimately, people still get Viruses on their computers even with the protection. But they get less of them, and the ones they do get cause less damage. We want to arm people with a weapon to fight Lag, we call that weapon (a technology really) LLR Technology. LLR means Lag and Latency Reduction, not elimination. As a Gamer, I’d take less Lag over the status quo any day. We are providing a weapon to finally be able to get ‘Less Lag’."