Taunting Tragedy?

Prosecutors link taunts to stabbing in the Chicago Tribune (registration required) describes a murder that may have been triggered by taunts hurled while playing a video game (thanks Mike Martinez). This previous report on the Trib (registration required) has more of the gory details on the story, which has also been picked up by the UPI. According to the articles an 11-year old boy died from stab wounds after taunts were exchanged during a session of some unnamed video game. What's not clear is how the taunting ties into the stabbing, as the earlier story says the 16 year-old who was arrested for allegedly stabbing the younger boy was also alleged to be the one who was delivering, rather than receiving the taunts. The later story repeats much of the earlier story verbatim, but omits some of those confusing details along with some descriptions of the evidence, so it may be that some of the finer points that were reported at first have since come into question.