Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka 2

Step CG announces development of Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka 2, an adventure game sequel:
Step CG game-developing company announces a new project – Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka 2: Evening on the Eve of Ivan Kupal Holiday, beautiful animated 2D adventure after the novels of the famous Russian author Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol.

The events of game occur several months after Vakula and Oksana (the main characters of the previous game Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka) have married. Young wife (Oksana) asks her husband (Vacula) to influence the head of the Dikanka village Golova. He doesn’t want his daughter, Oksana’s best friend, to get married with Petrus – young Cossack from the village, however, unfortunately absolutely penniless.

Summer, heat. The quiet and measured life of the Ukrainian village Dikanka goes by. The Ivan Kupal holiday is quite near. According to the legend, on the night to Ivan Kupal holiday the fern blooms. The one who will be able to get the mysterious flower, obtains powerful possibilities, for example, access to the cursed treasures and, consequently, to innumerable wealth. Petrus dreams to become rich and agrees to the proposal of strange man, who recently arrived in Dikanka...

Game is based on the novellas from the cycle of Evenings on the Farm near Dikanka by Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol: Evening on the Eve of Ivan Kupal Holiday, Sorochinskaya Fair, May Night, or Drowned Woman, and it also contains the numerous elements of folk tales and legends.

The fans of the first ‘Evenings’ will meet with a pleasure familiar characters from the first chapter, learn that borders of Dikanka and magic forest are substantially enlarged, and the estate of Pannotchka contains new secrets.