Evening Q&As

  • Guild Wars
    The Q&A with Arena.net's Jeff Strain on GamesIndustry.biz discusses the success of Guild Wars and the future of the multiplayer RPG: "So our goal is to create this game, create this business model, have a large and thriving community - and then sell content directly to them. Really, if you think about it, if I make two games a year and I do a good job, make sure that they're really cool and really strong, and that you want to buy them; that's about the same as what I would get if I was paying a subscription fee for one game over that year. You're right, it's a little bit less - but fundamentally, it's in the same ballpark. So, that's our goal - make sure that we make enough content, that it's cool enough, fun enough, and released on a regular schedule, so that we're just as profitable and can support the game to the same degree that a traditional MMO can." There is another Q&A with Jeff on TotalVideoGames. Thanks Guild Wars Slovenija.
  • EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky
    RPG Vault's EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky Q&A talks with Senior Producer Scott Hartsman about SOE's newly released MMORPG expansion: "This expansion is very much about freedom and adventure. Freedom to build your character's gameplay style in a direction that suits you via Achievements. Freedom to climb mountains and hills in these isles in the sky. Freedom to jump off of said islands to your death without "safety" collision getting in the way. Free to scale up and down rock faces to discover hidden areas. Very free, very consistent world behaviors. In our ideal world, if it seems like an action is something your character should be able to do, you should be able to do it." Also, MMORPG.COM's EverQuest II Bi-Weekly Q&A #3 is another conversation with Scott.
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    Sigil’s Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler chat about creating Vanguard Saga of Heroes on GameZone is a Q&A with Sigil about their upcoming MMORPG: "Like every massively multiplayer game, you can get into a situation where there is 40 people on your screen. Every massively multiplayer game is going to cost you in terms of performance. But in Vanguard, proportionally, it is going to cost you less because from the neck down, every one of those people that is being rendered is really the same person. It’s like having 20 iterations of the same barrel on your screen and having the same barrel rendered over and over again as opposed to having 20 separate objects which is a whole lot more processing power."
  • SEED
    MMORPG.COM's Seed Dev Profile Q&A talks with Lars Kroll Kristensen about himself and Runestone's upcoming MMORPG.