More on TRIBES Rumors

There's a Q&A on with Tim Aste getting the lowdown from GarageGames on the flurry of rumors that they are working on a "spiritual successor" to the TRIBES series. Tim clarifies that plans for a GDC tech demo got a little blown out of proportion, and that while it is possible that a game project will result from all this, such talk is premature. The good news comes in word that they intend to eventually freely release the Tech Demo that spurred all this talk of a new TRIBES game publicly, but they are also not closing the door on the possibility that a game will come from all of this:
This is one possibility we are heavily considering at this time. Given the right circumstances and interest in what we put out there this is definitely a path that we could go down. There are a lot of factors which may or may not be obvious that come into play with this sort of thing really. GarageGames has grown significantly over the last two years and can finally begin approaching these sort of projects with a genuine interest of making them a reality, but we do a lot of things different here. Things need to match up right for us to be able to take a new project on no matter what it is.