Boll Slams Games Industry (Really!)

Uwe Boll bites back on Eurogamer is the you can't make this stuff up story of the day, in which alleged film director Uwe Boll explains where the blame lies for the failings of his game-related cinematic offerings. The problem lies not in the movies themselves, but with the critical gaming press and unsupportive game companies:
Us games journalists, Boll argues, should be pleased that videogame-based movies are getting made at all. "It's tough to convince someone from the studio system to believe in a videogame-based movie. It's way easier to have a great book or to have a comic book [as your source material], because these studio guys, they know Spider-Man, Batman, that kind of stuff."

Boll believes that part of the problem with convincing Hollywood that game movies are a good idea is down to game publishers themselves. He argues that Marvel, for example, are very good at cross-promoting movies based on their properties - whereas videogame companies simply sell off the licence and then forget about it.