BF2 Patch & Euro Force Delayed

A Community Update on the Battlefield 2 Website (thanks Frans) confirms recent indications that the Euro Force booster pack for Battlefield 2 is delayed (story). It turns out that this is because the upcoming version 1.2 patch is also delayed, and the patch is a prerequisite for the booster pack. The ETA for the patch is "the next couple of weeks" while the new release date for Euro Force is "the latter half of February." The update also has word that while the ability to pick up mines has been removed from this patch because it's not ready, but the delay means other issues of concern to the community are being addressed, including the red-name bug that dates back to the original release of the military shooter. Here's the tentative good news on that:
Regarding the last point, what we have done is make the code more secure to try and prevent any cases where this bug may occur. Since the fix has been in place, we have had no reproduction of the bug in testing.