Into the Black

Well, Dr. Toothy does not think I have a toothache, or as he put it: "I'd hate to have to explain to a review board why I did a root canal based on these X-Rays." The pain has indeed slowly, but steadily decreased since it first hit, so hopefully it will continue on that course. I was due for a cleaning, anyway, and got unusually high marks for my home care, which was nice.

R.I.P.: Pivotal Artist Jon Bridges.

Hopeful Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Play: Game Oldies.
Stories: Woman all shook up over Elvis song. Is there such a thing as "lawful wounding"?
Spider nests in Swedish woman's ear for 27 days. Can you hear me now?
Science: Mars Sweeps 'Close,' Delighting Onlookers.
Study: Ants can teach each other. In honor of Ant's birthday.
New laws needed for nanotech safety?
Auction: Haunted Ghost Inhabited Funeral Home~Back Door Bell. Thanks IamDefiler.
Image: King toad.
Follow-ups: Man's flaming mouse story questioned.
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