Evening Q&As

  • Battlefield 2: Special Forces
    The Battlefield 2: Special Forces Q&A on GameDaily (thanks Frans) is a brief Q&A with Michael Doran about the Special Forces add-on for DICE's military shooter sequel: "Again, I think that the biggest change to the game will be the zip line and grappling hook. The great thing about these features is that their usability is only limited by how creative the player is. Grappling hooks can be used to reach higher areas of maps that are especially effective perches from which to launch the zip line. Using both the zip line and grappling hook in conjunction with each other fits very well with squad based gameplay, which is a focus of Battlefield 2 / Battlefield 2: Special Forces."
  • DOOM The Movie
    id Software's CEO Talks Up Doom the Movie on TwitchGuru (thanks Ant) hears from id CEO Todd Hollenshead about the DOOM movie: "Well the rights for the movie option were licensed for the very first time back in '94-'95. Following the success of Doom 2, there was Hollywood interest in making a movie out of Doom 2, but there were a number of circumstances that frustrated the process. There was Columbine, which was an issue; there was an issue of us not having the right people engaged in the process from a producer standpoint. There were some initial scripts that weren't very good, and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that when you look at Doom and Doom 2, especially from a Hollywood viewpoint, and try to figure out what the movie's going to be from these games, it's a much larger leap than looking at a game like Doom 3 and thinking about what the movie could be based on that game."
  • Roma Victor
    MMORPG.COM's Roma Victor Q&A, Part I talks with RedBedlam's Nick Witcher about their Roman Empire MMORPG: "We have never claimed to be historically accurate; rather historically authentic. I think the balance has a lot to do with getting the level of realism correct. You won't see mirror-finish shields and characters will not sport stylized, cartoon-like or even 21st Century physiques. Amongst other things you're bound to see a lot of mud and dirt. The species of animals and wildlife are appropriate for their region and period, the armour, equipment, structures and even all of the trade skills and crafting activities have all been extensively researched. We believe this type of authenticity really adds to the experience. I think we've incorporated all the features that make an RPG fun and we want to involve the players and encourage role-playing the era. Activities in the game from the quests to hunting wild animals or gathering the resources to build your house will be deeply compelling."
  • Galactic Civilizations II
    The Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Audio Interview (Part 2-4) on Apolyton Civilization continues this audio interview with Stardock designer Brad Wardell about their upcoming space sequel. Topics "include but are not limited to regrets regarding the promotion of the first GalCiv for the PC, muddled media references to the series or Stardock itself, the Altarian Prophecy expansion pack and the impact of North American publisher Strategy First's bankruptcy protection."
  • Dark and Light
    MMORPG.COM's Dark and Light Q&A #7 discusses the final phase of beta testing for the upcoming MMORPG that will serve as the game's "prequel" (prologue): "Despite what some people can say, we really wanted at least to respect our promises to our community. We’ve been postponing the release several times, we didn’t communicate regularly, we understand very well that even the most faithful could doubt of Dark and Light being a vapor ware or a fake. As we are small team, we are doing small marketing, dedicated first to our community. We decided to create a specific offer and we prepared it with the feedbacks of the Dark and Light community. What it adds: proof to our community that we are working to try to reach their demands all the time."
  • Albatross18
    RPG Vault's Albatross18: Realms of Pangya Q&A discusses plans to bring this Korean online golf game to western audiences: "The interesting thing is, the fantasy RPG aspect of Albatross18 is also a key element in terms of its free gameplay. You see, most fantasy RPGs are item-based games, meaning leveling up to purchase higher level items to be able to defeat higher level enemies. Albatross18 borrows this same concept, but instead of gaining items to defeat enemies, the items acquired in Albatross18 are used to get a better golf score - allowing you to score better points by giving your base character better power, spin, accuracy, control or curve. And although most of these items remain free within the game (purchasable with experience points), a few premium items will be offered for sale. This is obviously where our revenue model is based."