Jack Thompson Under Fire

Jack Thompson fights to get his day in court describes a motion being considered by the courts to have attorney Jack Thompson removed from the trial for his latest anti-gaming crusade, a motion that also asks for the revocation of Thompson's legal license. At issue is Thompson's violation of a gag order imposed in the case, in which "Thompson is representing the families of two police officers and a dispatcher who were murdered by 18 year old Devin Moore in June 2003. In a lawsuit filed against Sony, Take-Two, Rockstar, Wal-Mart and GameStop, Thompson claims that Grand Theft Auto trained Moore to become a killer." Controversial lawyer exits GTA case on GameSpot is a subsequent story based on a Game Politics report saying that Thomson has removed himself from the case, though he insists he was not pressured to do so:
The suit will go forward for now, although the judge hasn't yet ruled on the motion to dismiss the case. Game Politics also reports that Thompson said his departure from the case was inevitable, as he would likely have to take the stand in the case.