Evening Q&As

  • C&C
    The Q&A with EALA's Louis Castle on GameSpot discusses the upcoming Command & Conquer 12-pack: "We wanted to give back to our loyal community and avid fans and feel that this price point allows all of our fans a chance to own a great C&C collection, re-mastered to work on current operating systems, plus a special DVD of commemorative video features. We're also asking the C&C community to submit videos telling us why they are the biggest C&C fan and they may be featured on the DVD. It's a great way to let the fans feel a part of C&C history and help us celebrate the 10th anniversary. The compilation also serves as a great way for gamers to experience the series and get into the legendary franchise for the first time."
  • Vivisector
    The Vivisector: Beast Inside Q&A on eXtreme-Players.de talks with Valentine Yeltyshev of Action Forms about their first-person shooter: "Our game is story driven and it is impossible to implement the story into the multiplayer. That was the main reason. It takes a lot of time and work to create interesting and well balanced multiplayer (level designing, testing, balancing, etc.) so we decided to make every effort to create complete and qualitative single player mode." The Q&A is also available in the site's native German.
  • PoP: The Two Thrones
    There's a brief Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Q&A on Xbox Gamers: "Our new playable character, the Dark Prince, also has his own set of new platforming moves thanks to his new weapon, the Daggertail. The Daggertail is a chain-like mid range weapon that he can use to interact with and manoeuvre in the environment. He can swing on poles with the Daggertail, extend his wall run to cross huge gaps, pull distant triggers, etc... Thanks to this new tool, he can access places the Prince cannot reach."
  • Warren Spector
    There are some brief comments from Warren Spector on Computer and Video Games on the state of the game industry taken from his keynote address at the Montreal International Game Summit where he shares his mixed feelings about GTA3: "It's like I want to tell my mother 'This is what games can be.' But I can't because they don't get past the beating people up with a baseball bat, stealing cars and crashing them, and the foul language and stuff, and I don't think it is necessary. At this point, GTA is the ultimate urban thuggery simulation, and you can't take a step back from that. But I sure wish they would apply the same level of design genius to something we really could show enriches the culture instead of debases it.">
  • Tabula Rasa
    There's a Q&A on the Tabula Rasa Website where J.P. Targete answers questions about the upcoming MMORPG: "I use a little reference for textures or ideas, however since these creature exist on other planets I let function dictate what I design rather then try to match the appropriate TR creature with an earth counterpart in terms of design. The one major thing that Richard Garriott stresses is that these creature need to feel like they could have evolved and not be just mindless monsters that want to kill you. For me, I try to find a balance between fantasy and the real world. We are also trying to give each creature a little personality to hopefully enhance the gamers’ experience."
  • Apocalypse
    Mage Knight’s Chris Wren talks about Apocalypse on GameZone is a Q&A with Chris Wren of Namco about Mage Knight: Apocalypse: "Our main goal with this game was to make a great action RPG set in the Mage Knight Universe and not necessarily a direct port of the tabletop game to the PC. The tabletop game does offer us some great strategies and abilities for the characters of the world, which we are taking advantage of, but the focus is more on providing a visceral adventure through a really beautiful world with a lot of loot and monstrous creatures to battle along the way. Each friendly or enemy NAP you come across is taken directly from the tabletop game, they will exhibit behaviors similar to their tabletop cousins, but in real-time with cool effects and robust AI set in a detailed environment. We do have line of sight rules in effect for ranged units and ambushes are definitely set up in some of the missions, so again it's not the tabletop game, but for those things that make sense for our game we look for ways to adapt them."