Ships Ahoy - Irth Online

The Irth Online Website (thanks Frans) has word that Magic Hat Software's MMORPG has gone live:
DEDHAM, MA – NOVEMBER 1, 2005 – Fantasy-based MMORPG Irth Online has been released by developer Magic Hat Software, and is now available for purchase at

“After two years in development, and with consistently valuable and energetic input from our loyal Beta testers, Irth Online is now is now ready for commercial release,” says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer. “Our development experience has been creative, challenging, mentally stimulating, and, of course, lots of fun – the same experiences gamers will enjoy in Irth Online.”

Irth Online, priced at $29.95 with a monthly subscription fee of $13.95, is available in three formats. Gamers with a high speed Internet connection may purchase an Irth Online access key to play the game online, and gamers using a dial-up connection may purchase the game either on CD-ROM (two disc set) or on a DVD (discs are not available at retail stores). Orders for Irth Online may be placed online only at which explains the ordering procedure and payment options.