Evening Q&As

  • Adrenalin
    RPG Vault's Adrenalin Q&A pumps Kirill Yudintsev for info about the upcoming racing and reality show combo: "Our game includes 15 different tracks located all around the globe, including France, Dubai, Italy, Russia and America. There are two main modes in the game - career and practice. While in practice mode, one can test cars and get used to tracks. Career mode actually starts the whole show itself. There are seven game types in Adrenalin, including earning maximum rating points (drifting, overtaking a competitor, etc.), executing maximum tricks, deathmatch (also in multiplayer mode with up to 12 players), knockout and others. After choosing one of the 12 girls, the show starts. Each driver in the game has her own biography and motivation."
  • Sensible Soccer
    A Sensible Decision on Eurogamer is a Q&A with Jon Hare on the upcoming return of Sensible Soccer: "Yes we are doing everything we can to accurately replicate the best bits of the old Sensible Soccer and then to add a whole load of new and more modern features on top without taking away from Sensi's hallmark instant playability. I think the old fans will be the initial purchasers and when new players pick it up and realise how much fun it is then there will be a second wave of purchases from new converts. As stated previously this game will not replace FIFA and PES, it will live alongside them, your little brother's favourite football game if you like."