Postal Movie Plans

Running With Scissors announces plans for a movie based on Postal, good news for fans of other game movie projects hopeful someone would keep director Uwe Boll occupied elsewhere. Here's word on the Postal movie, slated to shoot next year for a release in 2007:
Infamous Film Director Uwe Boll Signs Suicide Pact with Game Developer Running With Scissors
Tucson, AZ Start firing those AK-47s into the air because POSTAL (, the game franchise that politicians, parents groups, countless cowardly reviewers and over a dozen sovereign nations don't want you to play has just become the latest game to make the transition to the big screen.

Running with Scissors (RWS), the world's most dangerous software company, has signed an appropriately apocalyptic deal with renegade filmmaker Uwe Boll ( to bring the most controversial franchise in gaming history to the screen in all its blood-drenched, ironic glory.

Despite everyone from Steven Spielberg to Microsoft announcing big money deals involving films based on video games, this new partnership between controversial figures in the game and film industries is destined to become the most incendiary game-to-film deal yet.

"Uwe Boll is the perfect producer-director to make POSTAL," affirmed Running With Scissors' CEO Vince Desi. "He understands the subject matter and has an appreciation and affinity for controversy and political incorrectness. POSTAL has always been about reason and insanity, violence and motivation; producer-director Uwe Boll is simply the right guy to bring that vision to the screen."