UC: A World Apart Patch Glitch

3000AD sends along word on a glitch with the initial release of the version 1.00.03 auto-update for Universal Combat: A World Apart. Here's word on the problem, and the updated update, which does not iterate the game's version number:
Yesterday we released the v1.00.03 patch to the public via the in-game patch Updater. We have since discovered that an incorrect character asset was included in the original game distribution. This would cause one of the Instant Action scenarios (IA0113) which uses that asset, to fail upon loading.

To this end, we have re-issued this patch today and corrected this problem.

For those who have not yet updated their version, running the in-game Updater will download the new version.

For those who have already updated their version, the steps described in the v1.00.03 section of the recently updated version control file show how to force the Updater to re-download and re-apply the patch.

We apologize for this error. Hope you are enjoying the game as much as we enjoyed developing it.