Evening Q&As

  • Rainbow Six: Lockdown
    There's a Q&A with Clint Edwards on the Rainbow Six Website discussing the Rivalry mode in Rainbow Six: Lockdown: "We wanted to bring multiplayer closer to the single player experience than in previous R6 games. For years, the fans have asked for the opportunity to play the bad guys. We liked the idea of shifting gears and focusing on team based game modes, the interaction of a small group of operatives working together against an equally deadly (but different) opposing force. Terrorism has really been thrust to the front of the US media in the past few years, but we’ve never felt it was appropriate to hunt down real world individuals or groups. We do draw inspirations from various sources but don’t want to make any big political statements."
  • Fatal1ty
    The Fatal1ty Interview on game-instructions.com talks with the elite pro gamer at QuakeCon: " Well, obviously its very awesome to be in this position, its fantastic, I love doing it and I want to keep doing it for the whole gaming community. Obviously Tony Hawk sets a very good example. A lot of pro athletes set a very good example for me, so I’m able to look at other people and see certain things and learn from them as well. So, obviously everyone is trying to learn from everyone else."