Out of the Blue

I got my first taste yesterday of a BF2 bug I'd heard complaints about, but had not previously experienced. After a firefight I noticed a teamkill message, so I said I was sorry. A few minutes later it happened again, and when it happened a third time, I was positive there were no friendlies in my sights, and I also noticed a team message asking 'why is everyone shooting me?' The thing is, the team message was in red, just like the name over this guy... he was showing up as an enemy. Looking at the scoreboard, I saw myself with a score of negative-11 and a bunch of teammates in the minus column as well. In spite of people repeatedly messaging him that he was mysteriously appearing as an enemy, he was relentlessly punishing every TK. So instead of leaving the server himself, he just forced myself and his other teammates to leave instead. I would gladly give up the whole TK punish function, which may as well default to punish for all the understanding shown in its use, in exchange for a working voting system, as I have never actually seen a successful mutiny or player kick vote.

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