The Next Unreal Tournament

Unreal Returns on 1UP has a look at the next Unreal Tournament game, which they got to check out in person. The new game may not be titled UT2006, reflecting what Steve Polge calls a "generational change" in the Unreal Engine 3 project ("The polygon jump is going from thousands to millions"). The lengthy article discusses the reasons they are deconstructing the game to rebuild it:
"Actually, we don't think 2K4 was very successful," Steve offers. Jim and Jeff nod their heads in agreement, while I'm certain mine is spinning in disbelief. Steve continues, "It wasn't a bad game...I just wish it had been a better game than it was."

Apparently, members of the hardcore UT community agree. "We've paid a lot of attention to what the guys in the community are saying, and we take that feedback to heart. We've got guys that troll the forums every day [and read feedback]," Jim says. What's their biggest critique? "I would say mobility. Mobility and weapon balance. That's more for the hardcore guy who plays every day or on a regular basis, but balancing that out overall will make the whole game feel better, and so everybody will benefit."