The Battle for Middle-earth Patch Status

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle-earth Website (thanks Frans) has a status report on the upcoming version 1.2 patch for the Tolkien-inspired real-time strategy game. The post offers an updated list of changes planned for the patch, along with the following explanation for its tardiness:
Patch 1.02 has seen an unexpected rollercoaster ride of events. I would know first hand since I sit with the The Battle for Middle-earth (BFME) development team. Unfortunately, in the technical world, I’ve learned that nothing is ever a sure bet. In other words, always expect the unexpected!

Delaying the 1.02 patch further into April was definitely not our intent. As can be the case, we hit some technical bumps that were causing the game to shutdown. After implementing all of the balance changes, technical fixes, the “code matrix” (as I like to refer to as the inner-workings of the game) started producing some ugly errors. We found ourselves in a position we didn’t expect to be in at this time and the team is working on getting the patch back on track.

Our confidence level is high that you will have the 1.02 patch in late April.