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Electronic Arts says may buy more Ubisoft shares (thanks Mike Martinez) has more on that saga. Also, Atari posts loss; lowers Q4 guidance (thanks Mike Martinez) and Atari Outlines First Phases of Strategic Plan (thanks Frans) discusses the publisher's financials and future prospects. Meanwhile, Infogrames Q3 net profit 22.5 million euros (thanks Mike Martinez) outlines the company's latest numbers. Finally, Conference explores game industry's biz potential has word on a conference where "Game execs, Hollywood insiders, legal experts gather to discuss investing in and selling games." On what's going on at Atari, Computer Games Magazine follows-up on reports that they will be closing a pair of offices:
Atari spokesperson Nancy Bushkin told Computer Games Magazine that plans are still being formulated for how the closing of their Beverly, MA and Santa Monica, CA offices will be handled. Bushkin did confirm that the closings will not happen immediately and Atari plans to contact the people in both offices over the next several days to find out what the exact time frame will be for consolidating their publishing operations. Those jobs will soon be based out of Atari’s main corporate facilities in New York City Bushkin would not state how many people would be laid off as there will be some team members who will move to New York City.