Out of the Blue

Disclaimer: I have tried to switch to Firefox, but a couple of aspects of my work still work much better with Internet Explorer, so, knowing full well I'll be inundated with Firefox suggestions when ranting about IE (or perhaps in this case, GetRight suggestions), I am indulging myself in a rant nonetheless:

Things to hate about Internet Explorer, Episode 1000... downloading some file in the background, and that insipid dialog box that announces that the file has been downloaded and is now being copied from to the destination you selected jumps to the foreground, just as you are hitting the escape key or Alt-F4 or something that aborts the process in its final moments. This has happened to me twice in the span of a couple of days, each time ruining a lengthy download. Nothing ends up saved or cached, and redownloading the same file takes just as long the second time as the first.

MS spends millions observing the way users interact with their products... I can't believe this useless tidbit remains unaddressed. Am I missing a "don't ruin my lengthy download" checkbox or something?

On a semi-related note, for not the first time, a Mozilla user pointed out they were experiencing mysterious CPU load surges apparently provoked by a Flash ad here... I'd be appreciative is anyone could point the way to a possible cause for this situation as I try to address it.

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