More WoW Woes

This WoW Gameplay Discussion (thanks Voodoo Extreme) offers a message from Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Morhaime on the ongoing difficulties being experienced in World of Warcraft, their MMORPG. The update describes why 20 realms had to be taken offline, and how players from the impacted realms will be receiving a total of seven free days added to their subscriptions due to this and another glitch earlier in the week. The update concludes with promises and apologies:
I want to take this opportunity to say that we will do everything possible to ensure that unexpected downtime like this does not occur in the future and that if it is necessary, we will do everything possible to give you better warning and keep you informed. In the future, we will avoid doing maintenance during peak hours, unless no other alternative presents itself. When complications occur that could impact your playing time, we will provide that information as well. We failed to do this last night, and I assure you that we are making changes to ensure that we do a better job of communicating with our players next time.

I want to extend my personal and heartfelt apology for the problems that some of you have been experiencing on our servers. We remain committed to delivering the best possible service for you and will continue to work around the clock to ensure that we provide an experience that you and I have to come to expect from Blizzard games.