Wish Beta Overload

Mutable Realms sends word of a change in plans for the launch of beta testing of Wish, their upcoming MMORPG:
Because of the enormous number of beta applications that we have received (more than 60,000 at the time of this writing), we will not enable all beta accounts on January 1 at once. Instead, we will only enable a number of randomly chosen beta accounts every day, starting January 1.

We require this transition period to better configure our one-world server. By granting access to the beta test in stages, we can better allocate resources where they are required.

We will try our best to enable all accounts as quickly as possible. In any case, if you are not one of the first to be selected, don't worry!
The live content we have prepared for you will allow you to join at any time.

Please do not send us any inquiries about when your account will be enabled. We will send you an email notification once your account is active. The selection is completely random, and no exceptions will be made.