EA Stuffed by NBA

IGN has a report up stating that the NBA has rejected an offer from Electronic Arts to form an exclusive video game relationship with the pro basketball league in the nature of EA's recent deal with the NFL (story). The economics are cited as the obvious reason here: "One of the reasons is that the NBA Live series simply doesn't have a stranglehold on the market the way Madden has for years, so by signing an exclusive deal with EA, the NBA would actually be losing money." The story also lays to rest fears that an exclusive baseball deal is on deck:
Sources aren't quite as clear in terms of potential dealings with Major League Baseball as a few publishers were worried a deal was already in place for EA to step in and take over like they did with the NFL. But after the EA/NFL deal went down, at least one publisher was able to re-up their MLB contract for three more games, so it looks like a false alarm as the only exclusive EA was able to lockup for the time being was the NFL.