Out of the Blue

I awakened this morning to find MrsBlue was unable to connect to the wireless network here in the BlueTower. I actually spent a bunch of time trying to solve this problem before I realized in my still sleepy state that I was using the wrong IP address for the wireless router... turns out the router was fine, and something unexplained was going on with her laptop. I am more than happy to have passed her along to the proper folks technical support, and have hopefully learned the lesson that a good cup of coffee is in order prior to embarking on such chores.

Play Time: South Park Create-A-Character. Thanks David.
Link of the Day: The Game Preference to Career Flowchart. Thanks Snafu.
Stories of the Day: China Awaits Crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery.
New Maldives Island Rises from the Depths.
Science!: Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts. Thanks Jim.
Media of the Day: Hygiene lesson. Thanks David.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.