Mac to PC Gaming in Jeopardy

Yahoo! News - New GameSpy terms threaten Mac to PC online gaming is a story following up on recent reports (story) expressing concern over the future of Mac support from the gaming software middleware provider/journalism hybrid. The report describes the end of discounts based on lowered sales in Mac products coming to an end, making Mac to PC multiplayer interoperability economically unfeasible:
GameSpy's fee still ran into thousands of dollars per game, but Mac publishers were willing to pay it to put their customers on a level playing field with their PC counterparts. But now, with that discount gone, GameSpy licensing costs have skyrocketed for Mac publishers.

GameSpy is now asking for an amount that, in some cases, is the equivalent of 50 to 100 percent of the total Mac development budget, according Adams. Doubling the cost of development just to make the game play with PC users isn't something that Aspyr can afford to do, she added.

"What GameSpy is asking for now is more than what I'd pay up front for a game license," said MacSoft general manager Al Schilling. Like Aspyr, Mac game publisher MacSoft has seen its discount with GameSpy evaporate in recent months, according to Schilling.