Chrome = Advanced Battlegrounds

Update: This story originally presumed this to be the Specforce expansion, but the EB Games listing for this game puts the shipping date at 12/13/04, so it looks likely that this is actually the renamed version of the original Chrome. This DreamCatcher Games Page (thanks Frans) has details and screenshots from Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat, either the new name for Techland's shooter Chrome, or the follow-up formerly known by the working title Chrome SpecForce (story) when it was to be published by Strategy First. Here's how the project is described:
Grab your choice from over 20 destructive hi-tech weapons including heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and plasma rifles as you set out to seek-and-destroy your enemy once and for all. Take control of awesome vehicles like four-wheelers, speeder bikes and giant mech-robots as you battle across gigantic landscapes, huge air masses and vast oceans.