Game Movies - Far Cry Tech Demo

A few folks have mailed about the release of the ATI & Crytek Tech Demo mentioned in yesterday's Tech Bits (story), indicating the initial mention of it was a bit too obscure, so here it is again. Word on the demo is: "The ATI-Crytek demo uses same next-generation CryENGINE that will be used to create the successor to Far Cry. Since the CryENGINE enables immediate playability of a created game without the lengthy wait for compiling, enthusiasts into creating 'mods' will have an easy way to make new gaming content for themselves. The ATI/Crytek demo shows just how easy it can be, especially since it is optimized to run on ATI’s RADEON® X800 XT series and the new RADEON® PCI Express graphics boards. Download the demo and see for yourself how photo-realistic “machinima” cinematic computing will change your future gaming experience!" Also, this Videos Page (thanks Frans) has one final release in the series of cinematic movies from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, the upcoming return of the running regent. The "Dark Road to Redemption" is a 9.4 MB download.