Knight Online Free

The Knight Online Website announces that this MMORPG is segueing from its open beta test phase to a free to play, no purchase necessary game. Word is: "There will be no subscription fee required & no game purchase. All of the Knight Online game, updates and future expansions will remain free online." The site does not clarify how this business model (or lack thereof) will work, but the Knight Online Q&A on with Sumeet Maniar of (who operate the game in North America) offers an explanation: "We are planning for stage releases in the next few weeks with a very innovative pricing plan where the basic game will be free but people can either purchase premium memberships where the game becomes more enjoyable and then ultimately item purchases. In a premium membership people will be able to enjoy better hit rates, increase in other abilities, etc. The time frame will be announced on our website as soon as the team locks down the exact date."