Out of the Blue

I know a lot of people are completing Half-Life 2 in a single diaper-clad marathon, but I am one to savor these things, so I am playing in more moderate stretches. One of the things that helps with that is being easily distracted.... I decided to see what Half-Life: Source looks like, and quickly transitioned to being analytical about the Source translation of the game, to enjoying the nostalgia of the renewed experience, to being caught up in gameplay. I ended up playing well past the resonance cascade (I still cracked up when Barney mutterered about wanting to get his hands on the guy responsible for this), and now have a saved game to go back to. It certainly reinforces my feelings about game design... even with the Source-engine enhancements, a lot of the visuals inspire a "wow, was this really old school state-of-the-art?" kind of reaction, but as the bard said, the play's the thing, and the play is still fresh today.

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