Evening Q&As

  • Arkane RPG
    The Arkane Studios Q&A on Leakfree.org discusses the developers still-untitled upcoming Source-engine RPG: "First, we really liked the Half Life game and the Valve development philosophy which is very game-play oriented so we assumed their next engine would be at least as good in that regard. Then, amongst all next generation engines, it seemed to us that Source was the most appropriate for our game : it is very generic and it is flexible in term of world handling, lighting system, physics engines, performance scaling. Many next gen engines are very restrictive and force the developers to work on very tiny environments, with very low amounts of lights…"
  • Nexus: The Jupter Incident
    The Nexus: The Jupter Incident Q&A on Computer And Video Games (thanks Frans) discusses the space strategy game with Vincent Van Diemen of HD Interactive: "It was originally called Imperium Galactica III. The development was started by Philos, a Hungarian studio. Philos started development and signed it with CDV and at some point decided to... They thought it would be good to have a good IP for this space game, so sort of randomly they picked a license, being Imperium Galactica, and bought it from Infogrames. But that's been quite controversial, on the design side, because the actual design for this game did not really match the Imperium Galactica series."
  • Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
    The Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Q&A on FileFront talks with Rick Giolito about the upcoming World War II sequel: "Pacific Assaults is the next generation of the MOH franchise, particularly on the PC. The style and pacing is driven by actual veteran accounts of Pacific Theater warfare and our desire to faithfully recreate it. This fighting was a stark contrast than that of the European Theater - in short it was much more up close, personal and driven by vengeance."
  • Empire Earth 2
    FileFront's Empire Earth 2 Q&A chats up Ian Davis of Mad Doc Software about their upcoming space strategy sequel: "We’ve put a lot of thought into how a game of this scope can be best played, and the improvements and innovations we’ve made – the Diplomacy System, the Crown System, Territories, Citizen Manager, Picture-in-Picture, and especially the War Planner – have had a HUGE impact on gameplay."
  • Dark and Light
    Dark and Light’s Stephane Quilichini Discusses Changes for MMO Title on GameZone gets a status report on the upcoming MMORPG: "We did a check on the DnL positioning in regard to our delay of one year on the development. DnL development did not stop, but we did need to validate our new planning before the announcement to our community. Our prime difficulty was adapting the Bigworld technology from Microforté to our Mafate engine. We are quite confident in our new launch date of April 2005."
  • The Matrix Online
    The seventh question of the week has trickled out on The Matrix Online Vault, leaving us about a month shy of a completed (short) Q&A. Today's topic is Interlock combat rounds.
  • Bad Mojo
    The Bad Mojo Q&A on Adventure Gamers talks with Alex Louie about the upcoming re-release of Bad Mojo, the much beloved cockroach game: "So, we do have a lot of different animals in the game. Even a cat and a banana slug. The other cockroaches are important in the game, as they give you clues to how to finish the game."