Morning Q&As

  • Dungeon Siege II
    The Dungeon Siege II Q&A on GameSpot talks with lead designer Kevin Lambert about Gas Powered Games' action/RPG sequel: "The biggest lesson we learned was that players who enjoyed playing Dungeon Siege and Legends of Aranna were still craving a deeper experience. And that's exactly what we're delivering for Dungeon Siege II, in the form of an overhauled story and quest system, character skill trees, powers, pets, enchantable items, and much more."
  • Evil Genius's Evil Genius Q&A talks with Elixir's Demis Hassabis about their villain simulation: "In fact, believe it or not, I've never actually played Dungeon Keeper! Of course I was there when it was being concepted, because that was before I left for university - it was straight after Theme Park - and it was a fantastic idea. But beyond the idea of actually allowing you to play the bad guy, and that being a clearly compelling thing to let the player do, that's about it as far as influence goes."
  • Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivions
    HomeLAN Fed's Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion Q&A talks with Frank Lucero, producer on Wolfpack's upcoming MMORPG expansion: "Our goal with the Vampire race was to create a new kind of gameplay experience that just wasn't a rehash of some existing race with some stats juggled. As such, Vampires have some unique strengths but some unique weaknesses as well. First and foremost, all of a Vampire's spells and abilities will cost just health - mana and stamina will be near useless for them. Vampires only have one resource to manage, but using their powers too quickly may leave them weak and exposed."
  • Galactic Civilizations 2
    HomeLAN Fed's Galactic Civilizations 2 Q&A talks with Stardock's Brad Wardell about plans for a sequel to their space strategy game: "Unlike the original, Galactic Civilizations II will have a campaign in it and it won't be strictly linear -- you will be able to fail missions and go on and play alternative missions instead. But this way, we'll be able to tell our story. At the same time, players will still be able to play skirmishes like they did in the first one if they like."
  • Pirates Of The XXI Century
    The Pirates of the XXI Century Q&A talks with Michael Zinchenko of DIOsoft Company about their upcoming FPS: "Three playable sides fully expose the story – player chooses to play either as expressly positive American navy seals, malicious but freedom-loving modern pirates or crafty fighters of Hong-Kong Triads. Clear-cut storyline is combined with opportunity to turn about and just have lots of time enjoying yourself. But, by the way – three sides mean three storylines."
  • Meqon
    TotalVideoGames' Meqon Q&A talks with Marcus Lysén, one of the folks behind the physics in Duke Nukem Forever: "I am as excited as you are to see what 3D Realms can come up with for Duke, but I actually don't know much about it yet. What I do know is that with our technology, combined with their visions, just about anything can be created. The flexibility of our API is perfect for a team as innovative and creative as 3D Realms."
  • CGW
    The Armchair Empire's Jeff Green Q&A is the fifth in this infinite-part series talking with the Editor-in-Chief at Computer Gaming World.