Out of the Blue

Turns out I was the one that broke my net connection. Without giving the matter enough thought, I plugged in a modular phone cord without a splitter or a DSL filter, and this turned out to be the cause of my connectivity woes. Luckily I finally made the connection, and things returned to normal immediately.

Speaking of returns to normalcy, I believe we finally got the Tickle ad campaign removed (after a couple of failed attempts) after they slipped a decidedly non-work-safe image (bewbs) into one of their personals. Sorry about that.

R.I.P.: Ramones Guitarist Dies at 55 in Los Angeles. Thanks Halsy.

Links of the Day: Penisland.com. Thanks Scott.
Stories of the Day: German radio starts Klingon service. Thanks FPA.
The future of coffee?
Suspects end up behind bars -- at zoo. Thanks WhataMack.
Science!: People on Mars said possible in 20 to 30 years.
Space habitat headed for Antarctica.
Human genome hits halfway mark.
Media of the Day: Monday. Thanks Ant.
Image of the Day: Shawn Crosby's H-wing. Thanks John.
Thanks Mike Martinez