Morning Q&As

  • EQ2 X2
    The EverQuest Q&A Part I on Computer And Video Games kicks off a four part series on SOE's upcoming MMORPG sequel by talking with EQ2 producer Andy Sites and part two of the Q&A is also now online. This is from part one: "We're not going to be forcing this game out the door though just for the sake of meeting fiscal needs. We've been stating that all along. This is going to be the game that's the sequel to the game that made the company what it is today. So we want the game to be a worthy successor to EverQuest."
  • Jump to Lightspeed
    HomeLAN Fed's Star Wars Galaxies: Jump To Lightspeed Q&A talks with Cinco Barnes about the upcoming spaceflight expansion for the Star Wars MMORPG: "Everyone will have the ability to obtain a very basic ship from a mission-giving NPC from the start. The idea is to get people into space and adventuring as soon as Jump to Lightspeed launches. But an entry-level ship will not get you very far. Players will want to upgrade and begin customizing as soon as possible and crafters pursuing the shipwright profession will have ample business, providing an infusion to that segment of the economy almost immediately."